World Textile Day 2016 - Banbury Event



World Textile Day is the name given to a series of events held around the U.K. each year. At each event there is a fair where globe trotting traders sell the fabrics that they have collected in their travels and there are also presentations by the traders and guest speakers.


I visited the Banbury event on June 4th and had a memorable day. I met some very knowledgable traders, saw some wonderful fabrics, bought a couple of items and enjoyed some very interesting presentations on dowry textiles from India and Pakistan by John Gillow and the development of a carpet industry in Khiva, Uzbekistan by Chris Alexander. There was also a Show and Tell session at which John Gillow identfied a metallic thread embroidery that I brought along as 19th century Ottoman.


At Banbury the exhibitors were :

The World Textile Day website has lots of information, have a look and please try to get to one of their excellent events.


There is also a World Textile Day textile bazaar at the lovery old Hellens Manor in Herefordshire coming up later in June, well worth a visit:



Here are a few images taken at Banbury:



Ewe cloth from Ghana

Close up of Ewe cloth

Kuba skirt

Detail of Kuba skirt, Republic of the Congo

Dogon indigo cloth, Mali

Detail of indigo cloth

John Gillow - Dowry textiles of India and Pakistan presentation

Dowry textiles from India and Pakistan

Appliqued cloth passed around by John

Appliqued cloth passed around by John

The African Fabric Shop stall

Indigo dyed cloths from John Gillow's stall

Old screen with 1930's embroidered map of the USA

Detail from the 1930s embroidered map

Jim Gaffney (Textile Traders) and John Gillow with our 19th centory Ottoman embroidery

Tukuru Textiles stall with Andean handicrafts as well as textiles

Carpets from Khiva, Uzbekistan